a male given name: from Germanic words meaning “spear” and “rule”.

bath soap with shea butter

Gerald Crosby

​Nearly three decades ago Gerald UBER'd someone to the airport in West Palm Beach, FL before Uber was even a thought. After he dropped off his passenger, he drove over the bridge which connected West Palm Beach with the enchanted island of Palm Beach. 

He'd never been there before but figured it had a beach so why not. Gerald was born in the summer making him a Cancer, which meant he would often gravitate towards water when near it. Cancer the Crab seeks security only the ocean can provide, the Entrepreneur Cancer seeks
Psyche and the Sea for creative thinking. He had a lot on his mind that day and the beach was the perfect place to sort through his thoughts.

As Gerald drove around the island that day, he was amazed at the size of the homes as well as the solace rich people found in the place. He thought to himself, homes that big must have people working in them, you know getting paid to spend their days in a mansion. It only made sense to him that if you're that rich, you're likely not doing what the rest of us are doing like cleaning your floors and folding your laundry. He then knew he wanted to spend much of his time in one learning the secrets to great wealth and he was willing to roll up his sleeves and do whatever was necessary to achieve it. Gerald drove back to the east coast of Florida that day excited to pack up and relocate to Palm Beach.

Within days he quit his job working in a consumer products distribution center and hit the road heading towards the Treasure Coast where he would eventually learn the secrets of the RICH while spending the next 3 decades in Mansions. Today he uses that knowledge in everything he does. He often says; if you can't afford to live in a mansion, people should consider getting paid to live in one, its cheaper and you could learn a lot of valuable knowledge school couldn't possibly teach you.