bath soap with shea butter

a male given name: from Germanic words meaning “spear” and “rule”.

Gerald Crosby

Gerald Crosby is the founder of Body Detailer Personal Care Products Co., which makes luxury bath products everyone can afford.

Many whose known him in the past will say he doesn't give up easily. Perseverance is in his blood and he doesn't care that others failed to succeed in situations that are similar to those he pursues.

His motto is

Past failures don't define future success, rather they provide lessons to improve upon which ultimately leads to success.​ 

He has the ability to develop winning brands to say the least. Many people will often argue the one percent holds all the wealth and its unfair, however what many don't realize, only one percent of the population will put themselves in the position to become successful. Gerald will be the first one to tell you that anyone can achieve success but it will never knock on your door. You must be willing to put your social life on hold and constantly look for success. Doing so may take a lifetime, but it depends on how bad you want it. History shows us that this has worked for many who chose to do it.

Simply put, it's prerequisite of success.